Felix Brodbeck, Rudolf Kerschreiter, Andreas Mojzisch and Stefan Schulz-Hardt

Group decision making under conditions of distributed knowledge: The information asymmetries model.

Academy of Management Review

We present a theoretical model that synthesizes and expands current explanations of the failure of decision-making groups to effectively use information that is distributed among their members. We propose that groups can outperform individual decision makers and voting schemes if certain asymmetries in information distribution are present and certain asymmetries in information processing are absent. How to achieve this we deduce from a review of the relevant literature. Finally, we discuss directions for future research and practical implications. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Accession Number: 24351441; BRODBECK, FELIX C. 1; Email Address: f.c.brodbeck@aston.ac.uk; KERSCHREITER, RUDOLF 2; Email Address: kerschreiter@psy.uni-muenchen.de; MOJZISCH, ANDREAS 3; Email Address: mojzisch@psych.uni-goettingen.de; SCHULZ-HARDT, STEFAN 4; Email Address: schulz-hardt@psych.uni-goettingen.de; Affiliations: 1: Chair in Organisational and Social Psychology, head of the Work and Organisational Psychology Unit, and Research Program Director for Diversity, Knowledge, and Innovation, Aston University; 2: Assistant professor, Social and Organizational Psychology Unit, Psychology Department, Ludwig-Maximilians-University; 3: Assistant professor, Georg-August University, Goettingen, Institute of Psychology; 4: Chair in Industrial, Economic, and Social Psychology and head, Economic and Social PsychologyUnit, Georg-August University, Goettingen; Issue Info: Apr2007, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p459; Thesaurus Term: Group decision making; Thesaurus Term: Information resources management; Thesaurus Term: Access to information; Thesaurus Term: Knowledge management; Thesaurus Term: Management science; Thesaurus Term: Decision making; Thesaurus Term: Brainstorming; Thesaurus Term: Group problem solving; Thesaurus Term: Information sharing; NAICS/Industry Codes: 519190 All Other Information Services; Number of Pages: 21p; Illustrations: 3 Diagrams; Document Type: Article