Tobias Greitemeyer, Stefan Schulz-Hardt, Eva Traut-Mattausch, and Dieter Frey (2005)

The influence of price trend expectations on price trend perceptions: Why the Euro seems to make life more expensive?

Journal of Economic Psychology, 26(4):541-548.

The present study investigated whether initial expectations of rising prices causally influence price trend judgments even in the presence of unequivocal contrary evidence. To this end, a 2 (real price trend) x 3 (expected price trend) factorial experiment was conducted. Participants compared the prices of two menus, one priced in German Marks and the other priced in Euros. The average Euro price was either higher than or the same as the average German Mark price. Expectations of either higher prices or stable prices were induced. In a control condition, no expectation was induced. As expected, price trend perceptions were causally affected by price trend expectations. On the one hand, the manipulated expectation of rising prices yielded a perception of price increases even when the real prices remained stable. On the other hand, when the real prices increased but an expectation of stable prices had been induced the real price trend was underestimated. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Accession Number: 17693825; Greitemeyer, Tobias 1; Email Address:; Schulz-Hardt, Stefan 2; Traut-Mattausch, Eva 1; Frey, Dieter 1; Affiliations: 1: Department of Psychology, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Leopoldstrasse 13, Munich 80802, Germany.; 2: Economical and Social Psychology, Georg-August University, Georg-Elias-Mueller-Institut fuer Psychologie, Gosslerstrasse 14, 37077 Goettingen, Germany.; Issue Info: Aug2005, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p541; Thesaurus Term: Price maintenance; Thesaurus Term: Price level changes; Thesaurus Term: Euro; Thesaurus Term: Mark (German currency); Thesaurus Term: National currencies; Thesaurus Term: Price flexibility; Thesaurus Term: Price regulation; Thesaurus Term: Equilibrium (Economics); Author-Supplied Keyword: Expectancy confirmation; Author-Supplied Keyword: Price perception; Author-Supplied Keyword: Prior belief effect; NAICS/Industry Codes: 926150 Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors; Number of Pages: 8p; Document Type: Article